Newcastle Drum Tuition teaching studio

Playing equipment of the highest specification

The studio is a purpose built, fully sound insulated, live room in a stand-alone building next to my home. The space enjoys the benefits of air conditioning and relaxing halogen lighting both of which enhance the learning experience.

The playing equipment is also is of the highest specification. Currently I have two Natal kits in the studio's live room, a Cafe Racer and an Arcadia. Both kits feature the highest quality cast cymbals from my personal collection. There is also a wide selection of professional world hand drumming instruments including congas, djembes, bongos and cajon. The room itself has the necessary hardware installed for recording. It is where I do most of my session work for the various clients I record for. Drummers or percussionists who wish to create an audio CV for professional purposes can book the room to do so.

The Observation Room

This is an ideal space for parents of our younger pupils or anyone else travelling with a student and enables them to share in the lesson experience without the live room volume levels. You can if you wish listen in on a lesson by means of the in-house speaker system or just relax, read or listen to music.

"The room is also air conditioned, halogen lit, wi-fi equipped and contains refreshments and a flat screen TV. Unsurprisingly, it is used often."

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